BioBirsk Research and Manufacturing Association, OOO

Innovative Production

of Glucose-Fructose Syrups

in Birsk Region, Republic of Bashkortostan

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Research and Production Association OOO “BioBirsk” is the first innovative production project based on the latest European technologies of deep wheat processing within the Volga Federal District and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Application of the deep wheat processing technologies allows producing such products as dry wheat gluten, native wheat starch, modified wheat starches, fodder yeast, glucose-fructose and maltose syrups. All the products from this list are to a greater or lesser extent imported to the country. While imported, additional charges incur for delivery, import duties, customs service, which in the long run leads to a cost increase of the product, which can be actually produced within the territory of Russia.

By order #167 dated December 14, 2011 of the Ministry Of Economic Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the project of the Research and Production Association OOO “BioBirsk” of deep wheat processing is included into the list of the priority investment projects of the Government of the Republic. The major objective of the project is the construction of the complex for deep wheat processing on the territory of Birsk region of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Implementation of this project will allow solving a number of problems regionally and Russia-wide:

1) Partial solution to the problem connected with grain sale in Volga Federal District, which appeared as a result of insufficiently developed level of domestic consumption and territorial remoteness of export markets;

2) Implementation of the project “Biobirsk” will allow creating a powerful manufacturing structure aimed at working in the agroindustrial sector of the Republic, which provides the market with ecologically-friendly high-quality food substance, production of which has a favorable effect on the economic development of the region;

3) Russian companies will be offered in-demand high-quality products, most of them capable of substituting import equivalents;

4) The appearance of a large manufacturing plant on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan guarantees the increase of tax collection to the budget, creation of new workplaces, development of regional transport and engineering infrastructure;

5) Project implementation will create necessity of outsourcing (for example, IT services, cleaning and other services), this contributes to the development of small and medium-size business, which is a priority state policy throughout the Russian Federation.

6) The territory of the Research and Production Association OOO “BioBirsk” production complex is planned to be also used as manufacturing facilities for the products of the next processing stages such as amino acids within the Birsk biocluster.



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